Green Waste

  • Green Waste Tidy Bags

    We install our quality tidy bags on your property (FREE INSTALLATION) so that you can collect all your green waste such as lawn clippings, cuttings, prunnings, weeds, palm fronds and leaves. We will come and collect on your allocated day every 4 or 8 weeks, depending on your needs.

  • Large Load Green Waste Removal

    Have you done a backyard blitz at your place? We can take away large loads of green waste such as large cuttings, prunings and branches. If you need us to do the heavy lifting, let us know and we will ensure we can load it all for you.

  • Green Waste Does Not Include...

    Ensure there is no dirt/soil, glass, general household waste, builders materials or dog faeces. These items will attract a surcharge.

Light Rubish

  • Household Rubbish

    We'll come load and takeaway your household rubbish such as old appliances, furniture, blinds, curtains and carpet. We can collect and remove just about anything, simply point out the rubbish removal concern. If it fits in our truck we'll take it.

  • Light Commercial Waste

    Whether you've just done a reno, a demo or a general clear out we can take away waste such as concrete, bricks, metal, car batteries and machinery parts. Give us a call to discuss what's in your load.

  • Business Rubbish

    We can load up and take away your rubbish left from office clean outs, whether it's general paper and cardboard to unwanted furniture or leftover packing material. Enquire today, we'll help get your office back in order.



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Just a quick little FYI first ...

  • 1. You will have a choice to have your bag collected  every 4 or 8 weeks. You can change this option throughout the year if required however 8 weeks is the maximum time allowed between pick-ups. It is up to you to let us know of any changes to your order at least 24 hours before your scheduled pick up. 8 weeks is the maximum cycle, your bag will taken and charged as per usual pickup regardless of the amount in the bag.

  • 2. While there is no lock in contracts (you can cancel anytime), we do have a minimum of 3 tidy bag collections. It is also your responsibility that tidy bags remain accessible, if they are not at time of pick up normal charges will apply.

  • 3. We ask that you ensure Green Waste is to only be collected in your Tidy Bag. Please also ensure your bag is not overfilled, it must not exceed 80kg otherwise surcharges may apply.

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$30 per Tidy Bag, per collection.

$30 per Tidy Bag, per collection.

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